Launch Uk Automatic Gearbox Flushing Machine

This garage is now equipped with an Automatic Gearbox Transmission Flushing Machine

Now available Automatic Gearbox Flushing using the new Launch Uk Automatic Transmission Flushing Machine. This does a complete flush of the automatic transmission oil. Unlike traditional emptying methods which leave around 40% still in the gearbox components like the torque convertor, this machine flushes a detergent through the gearbox and replaces 100% of the total oil capacity.

Symptoms that indicate you require an oil change include

♦Rough gear change

♦Slow or delayed gearshifts

♦Difficult to move from park or reverse

♦Noisy gear changes or loud transmissions running

♦An increase in transmission vibrations felt inside the vehicle

After a successful ATF oil service you will notice the below improvements

♦Smoother gear change

♦Reduced transmission noise

♦Easier gear selection

♦Reduced transmission vibrations

♦Faster up shift during acceleration

This can be carried out in our workshop with advance booking. Please contact Kevin in the service department on 01706 854223 or email

This can be carried out while you wait or we have low cost hire cars if you have a full driving license

If required we can also renew the filter and transmission sump pan. If there are any faults stored we can clear them out with our Autologic Diagnostic computer