discovery engine exhaust conversion

This engine is a good engine and is becoming readily available now that the Discovery 1995 onwards are getting older and are failing MOT’s on body corrosion. Although similar to the Land Rover 90/110 engine that is being removed the engine blocks are quite different at the engine mountings.

The 1996 onward 300TDI fitted with automatic gearboxes have Electronic Diesel Control (EDC). This engine is more complex to install so we would recommend not using this engine.

The ideal thing to buy is the full vehicle. You will need the engine, radiator, intercooler assembly, header tank and bottom hose (if in good condition), air filter and intake hose, power steering pipes and steering box if your vehicle is fitted with manual steering or the early three bolt PAS box or the six bolt steering box (identified with the number of bolts fixing the top cap to the body of the PAS box). Also required will be the fuel filter and the ends of the fuel pipes to joint the fuel pipes to the new engine.

The new engine mounting brackets (SPCK300EBK) we have developed will not require welding to the chassis or the old mountings cut off, we supply these new bolt on engine block brackets along with detailed instructions and recommendations on fitting the new engine, the engine fits to the gearbox with only minor alterations, when replacing a 4 cylinder engine.

If replacing a V8 engine, the chassis engine mounting brackets (SPCK300) we supply will need to be welded to the chassis and the old mountings cut off,  chassis brackets from the 300 Discovery or Defender chassis will not be suitable as the center line of the engine is different and will put the engine in the wrong place.

The 300 Tdi flywheel housing must be used as this has supports the bottom of the housing.  We do not recommend using any other flywheel housing (no other housing has the provision to support the bottom of the housing).

On petrol and non turbo Diesels models, a full exhaust will be required as the existing system is of the wrong internal design in the silencers and the pipe size is too small for a 300 TDI engine and will create back pressure and possible overheating. We have developed a full system larger bore pipework and single silencer, complete with special chassis mounting brackets designed to fit later exhaust systems to early chassis, bolts and mounting rubbers. If the vehicle you are converting is a Turbo Diesel our specially designed front pipe will fit to your existing system, however this system is a little on the small side but will be ok for now but would recommend fitting the larger bore system at a later date still using the same front pipe.

The 300 Discovery radiator will fit with minor alterations to the frame to mount it to the chassis, although radiator top brackets will be required. We can supply these if required.


The 300 Discovery has the engine fitted close to the radiator however when this is now fitted into the 90/110 the engine is positioned at the back of the engine bay the same as the original Land Rover 90/110 engine did, so all the hoses off the Discovery are too short. So we make a water pipe kit comprising of a top hose specially manufactured for us, heater pipes, temperature sensor, all stainless steel hose clips, header tank mounting bracket etc. with the bottom hose off the 300 Discovery being suitable to be used on the conversion we just supply new hose clips for this. If the original hose is in poor condition we can supply a new hose too.

An electric fan will need to be used as the fan is too far away from the radiator to be effective. Revotec manufacture a superb two speed fan for this application which we stock.

We supply new intercooler hoses and pipe kit including all stainless hose clips again as the engine is at the back of the engine bay the intercooler pipes are too short.

We recommend using the 300 Discovery air filter and intake hose if available. The air filter will be mounted on the left hand inner wing support bracket. Some models have the washer bottle mounted there, if so this will need relocating. Some models will need a flat plate making up to mount the air filter. Turbo Diesel models with the wing mounted air intake can be piped up to the air filter with our intake adapter kit, this comprises of a “U” shaped steel tube that fits the intake hose from the wing to the air filter, Petrol and non turbo models can use the 300 Discovery pipe work. Vehicles using a snorkel should be unaffected by this.

As we have said earlier we recommend fitting the 4 bolt power steering box off the 300 Discovery, you can then use the 300 Discovery pipes and reservoir. However they are too short so we supply a kit to adapt them which consists of two high pressure compression fittings and new filler and return hoses, reservoir mounting bracket, complete with stainless steel hose clips.

The engine oil cooler pipes off the 300 Discovery are too short so we supply specially extended pipes for this conversion using the latest specification oil pipes (the original pipes were prone to leaking on the crimped joints) see SPCK300OCP

All the above kits come with detailed fitting instructions.

We have designed all the above kits so that the engine installation looks neat and original and not a conversion.

We also recommend renewing the timing belt, P gasket behind the water pump housing to the engine block, also the rear crank oil seal & T seals before starting this conversion. These jobs are all easier to do whilst the engine is out of the vehicle. We keep these items in stock should you need them.

We would recommend using a workshop manual for reference purposes to help with electrical work and the above mentioned jobs. We keep these items in stock should you need them.

Once the conversion has been completed you can enjoy greatly improved performance and good fuel economy. DVLA and your insurance company will need informing and may require an engineers report.

We would also recommend that the gearbox is in good condition.If a reconditioned one is fitted we would recommend that a quality one is fitted. We would also recommend changing the gearbox oil regularly.  Check the half shafts and drive plates for wear and renew as required. Check that the brakes are also in good condition and renew as required. Quite often the Discovery rear axle is fitted to the 90/110 to replace the rear drum brakes with disc brakes which are more efficient at braking.

We retain the lt77 gearbox assembly and our kit is designed around using this gearbox. Some Ex MOD Defenders had the R380 fitted using a stubby bellhousing. Treat this as an LT77.

If trying to fit the Discovery or Range Rover Classic R380 gearbox the chassis engine brackets will be the wrong profile and position. The floor plates, diaphragm/ tunnel cover won’t fit and the gear levers would interfere with the main seat box front rail. This main rail provides the strength and support for the seats etc. The Discovery or Range Rover Classic R380 gearbox bellhousing and primary shaft are much longer than the LT77 in a Defender.

STEVE PARKERS LTD have been designing and fitting land rover engine conversions for over 30 years. we have also been manufacturing in house, conversion exhausts for over 20 years. we try to supply a comprehensive set of conversion kits, so that when the job is finished it looks like a factory installation. they are supplied as separate kits to allow them to be bought individually or they can be added to the basket and all bought at once depending on your requirements. the brackets in the kits are made for us by an engineering company with iso9001 certification. your insurance company will need informing of your vehicle modifications and your log book will need updating with the new engine number and capacity.