200 Tdi Discovery Engine conversion kits into 90/110 4 Cylinder Land Rovers

This engine is a good engine and readily available as the body work of the Discovery’s are rusting and corroding and being scrapped whilst the engines are still good runners. The ideal thing is to buy the whole vehicle and then you can use the engine, the radiator, power steering box (if 3 bolt or 6 bolt steering box recommend changing to the 4 bolt) and power steering pipes.

The engine bolts up to the existing gearbox in the Defender with the exception of 3 studs in the flywheel housing. These will need drilling and tapping, however the pilot holes are already there and this will allow the flywheel housing to fit up to the Defender bell housing. The bottom 4 holes in the flywheel housing will need countersinking to accept our bolts (SPCK224BLT). This kit is required to secure the flywheel housing to the ladder frame. Otherwise when using the vehicle the flywheel housing will start flexing and the rear crank seal will start leaking also the engine block to flywheel housing gasket will split and leak, which requires engine or gearbox removal to rectify.

As it is a very tight space between the turbo and wing we manufacture a specially made front exhaust pipe which fits directly onto the Discovery 200 tdi turbo outlet designed in such a way to allow exhaust gases to flow through the system easier without restrictions unlike some imitations found on Ebay. We are the original designer & manufacturer of this exhaust pipe.

We then recommend fitting a standard 2.5 turbo diesel exhaust or a Defender 200Tdi rear exhaust system as they are made differently internally than a normally aspirated or petrol system and larger bore, this allows the exhaust gases to flow properly, so the engine doesn’t overheat and doesn’t cause back pressure. Our  front pipe is fitted with a sleeve to suit either system. The sleeve is removed when fitting the larger bore 200Tdi Defender exhaust system. You cut into the front pipe on the 200Tdi system or the connector pipe of the smaller turbo diesel system to then mate it up to our front pipe. No modifications are required to the vehicle using this front pipe other than moving the clutch pipe out of the way from the heat of the exhaust pipe. Our front pipe comes with gasket, nuts and a clamp.

We recommend fitting the 200 tdi Discovery intercooler or a Defender 200 tdi intercooler as they are the original ones designed for the engines.

We suggest using the Discovery 200 Radiator intercooler assembly, however the standard Discovery rubber hoses and steel pipe work doesn’t fit in the defender as the engine bay is smaller and the radiator is nearer to the engine.  We manufacture a specially made intercooler pipe kit of rubber hoses, clips and steel pipe work (SPCK224C) to fit directly onto the Discovery 200 tdi intercooler, they are designed in such a way to allow the air to flow through the system easier without restrictions unlike some imitations found on ebay, we are the original designer & manufacturer of these intercooler pipes. The same applies to the water pipes to the Radiator and we supply a kit for that (SPCK224W) which consists of top hose, specially made one piece bottom hose, heater hoses, stainless steel hose clips, temp senders (alternative choices) & fitting instructions. Some cutting of the rubber hoses is required due to the variations

The original air filter now won’t fit as the intercooler radiator assembly is now in the way of it, so it needs a different mounting set up. Unfortunately the 200 Discovery one doesn’t fit either. We supply a brand new air filter, with element (readily available), and comes with a specially made air intake pipe, hose and connector, mounting plate straps and hose clips, fitting instructions.

We suggest also using the Discovery 200 Tdi PAS pipes in with this conversion, we supply a kit (SPCK224PASKIT) to adapt the these pipes to fit into the Defender (new pipes also available, but not included in this kit) Kit comprises of rubber pipe, metal pipe, adaptors, stainless clips & new reservoir bracket and instructions.

We also advise fitting an electric fan as the original fan fouls on some power steering boxes.  It is also offset to one side of the radiator, therefore it would not cool the engine sufficiently.  ( The water pipe kit we supply is designed  around an electric fan being fitted.)

We have designed all the above kits, so that the vehicle looks like the engine has always been there rather than a conversion. Some of the kits can be bought at a later date as funds allow and be fitted retrospectively, although we suggest fitting the exhaust pipe and countersunk bolts initially as they are harder to fit later.

We would also recommend that the gearbox is in good condition and if a reconditioned one is fitted that a quality one is fitted and change the gearbox oil regularly.  Also check the half shafts and drive plates for wear and renew as required.